Terms of purchase

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Use of the Site and published content

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Changes to Terms of Use

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Product price

Product prices are in dinars with VAT included.
Shipping costs are not included in the product price and are highlighted separately on the order overview and invoice.

Product Labeling

Products are shown descriptively and photos.
Product photos are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily correspond to the products being ordered.
The shelf life is indicated by the packaging of the goods.

When the contract is concluded

The purchase is only considered complete when the customer orders the goods.
If you choose to make a payment by bank transfer on a pro forma invoice or payment slip, the Seller will send you an e-mail confirming that the contract has been concluded, but the delivery will be made only after the payment is recorded in the Seller's account.


Payment is possible:
on delivery

Right to contract from contract

You have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days of delivery of the ordered goods.
If you decide to cancel, it is enough to send the completed cancellation form to the seller's address info@sweetfit.rs
The contract cancellation form will be sent to you along with a confirmation of successful purchase at the mail address as well as in writing when delivering the goods.

The consequences of canceling the contract

In case of cancellation of the contract, you are obliged to return the received goods undamaged and packed within 14 days from the day of cancellation, as well as to bear the costs of delivery and the costs of taking over the goods and returning them to the seller.
U slučaju da ne možete da vratite robu dužni ste da platite robu ili njen deo koji niste u mogućnosti da vratite.
Prodavac u roku od 14 dana od dana odustanka vama vraća iznos koji ste platili na ime kupoprodajne cene eventualno umanjen za iznose troškova ili vrednosti robe koje ste dužni da snosite. Prodavac ovu svoju obavezu može odložiti dok ne vratite primljenu robu.

Delivery time and cost

Delivery time is one to three business days from the moment the order is recorded by the Seller.
Delivery is made in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
Delivery is by courier and is charged extra.
Delivery is by courier and will be charged extra unless it is explicitly stated that it is not paid.
Dostava se obavlja u skladu sa uslovima korištenja usluga kurirske službe, City Express d.o.o. i POST EXPRESS koja pripada Javnom preduzeću „Pošta Srbije” smatra se izvršenom u trenutku predaje proizvoda kuririskoj službi.
It is not possible to open or view the package before downloading, paying and e-debiting. Content must be inspected immediately upon receipt of the shipment. In case of irregularities, the buyer should call the complaint service. Subsequent claims for damage to packages in transport will not be considered.

Complaints and return orders

The buyer has the right to claim and return the goods in the case when the goods which were not ordered, the goods which have expired or the goods which have a defect or damage and which did not arise during transport, have been delivered to him.
In the event that the Seller determines that your complaint was founded, he will, within 15 days from the day of the complaint, replace the product or refund the entire amount paid upon termination of the contract.
If the claim is found to be invalid, the Seller shall notify the Buyer thereof within 15 days from the date of receipt of the claim.
In case of justified complaint the cost of replacement with a new product shall be fully borne by the Seller.

Intellectual property

Sweetfit.rs is owned by SweetFit Ltd. Simanovci. Address, Golubinacka 99, Simanovci 22310, Republic of Serbia.
All materials on the sweetfit.rs website represent the intellectual property rights of the holder of SweetFit d.o.o. Simanovci cannot be used without the consent of the wearer. Any unauthorized use of the bearer's intellectual property entails civil and criminal liability.