Can l use milk or hot water?
- It's your choice. The warm water will quickly relax the oatmeal, while the milk takes a little longer to let the oatmeal absorb the liquid.

Are SweetFit gluten free?
- It's not. Currently, SveetFit protein meals contain gluten.

The shelf life of SweetFit meals?
- The shelf life is 12 months

Shipping cost of the product?
- Shipping cost is 290 rsd when less than 15 packs are ordered. For orders over 15 packs, shipping is free.

Can your products be found in the markets?
Currently our products are not in the markets.

Can we find products in retail?
- You can view the list of retail stores Selling places.

Can we order products for our shop, company?
- We would like to tell you more about our corporate ordering program. Contact us at: nikola.tasic@sweetfit.rs

What is a Coupon and how can I use it?
- The coupon is a convenience in the form of an order discount that you make through the site. Coupons are active when a promotion is in progress.

Did we answer all your questions?
- If we are, you can return to shop Shop.