Can l use milk or hot water?
- It's your choice. The warm water will quickly relax the oatmeal, while the milk takes a little longer to let the oatmeal absorb the liquid.

Are SweetFit gluten free?
- It's not. Currently, SveetFit protein meals contain gluten.

The shelf life of SweetFit meals?
- The shelf life is 12 months

Shipping cost of the product?
– Cena dostave za pakete od 9-15 pakovanja je 313-389 rsd. Za narudžbine preko 24 pakovanja, poštarina je besplatna. U okviru Pretplatnog paketa, besplatna je dostava za pakete 15 i 24 pakovanja.

Can your products be found in the markets?
Currently our products are not in the markets.

Can we find products in retail?
- You can view the list of retail stores Selling places.

Can we order products for our shop, company?
- We would like to tell you more about our corporate ordering program. Contact us at: nikola.tasic@sweetfit.rs

What is a Coupon and how can I use it?
- The coupon is a convenience in the form of an order discount that you make through the site. Coupons are active when a promotion is in progress.

Did we answer all your questions?
- If we are, you can return to shop Shop.