About us

Why SweetFit?

Because SweetFit is first and foremost a project that wants to provide people with a quick, healthy and comprehensive protein meal at any time of the day. Because we wake up every day knowing WHY we do what we do, which is to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.
Our goal is to find customers who believe in what we believe and do so that we can all be successful and healthy.

We are aware that today’s life full of obligations affects our healthy habits a lot and that due to lack of time we often choose the easiest but not the best options for our diet.

We think it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, what prompted us to start this project was our need for health to come first, and we did not find anything of that nature on the market. Today’s “healthy” products contain various additional sweeteners and sugars that still do not solve the problem of healthy eating.

We started with protein meals with the flavors Strawberry & Green Tea, Dark Chocolate and Coconut, and now we can boast of two more flavors – Raspberry and Apple & Cinnamon, which have stevia as an addition and literally resemble the taste of cake (but they don’t have white sugar nor any other artificial sweeteners).

Our mission is to provide and provide people with a meal, a snack that is rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. In the future, we want to provide our customers with the absolute possibility of choosing flavors and ingredients and creating their own product.

Our protein complete meals are “really meals, others are mush”. This means that our product contains a small percentage of sugar (from food – 2 g), more than a third of the required daily intake of protein – 21 g, quality foods such as: oats, whey protein (whey), chia, flax. almond, freeze-dried strawberry, green tea… In addition to all that, it is important to emphasize that it does not contain additional sugars and preservatives.

SweetFit protein meals are an ideal and irresistibly delicious way to provide your body with the necessary amount of protein, carbohydrates and fiber.

An excellent source of energy

SweetFit meals are rich in protein and healthy fats, which help increase muscle mass, lose weight and provide energy.

No added sugar

The products do not contain additional sweeteners or preservatives, but only sugar from the ingredients themselves, so this is a meal that contains a minimum amount of sugar.

Quality foods

SweetFit contains natural and high-quality ingredients – oatmeal, flax seeds, almonds and chia seeds. So, a perfect balance of healthy carbohydrates and omega-3 fatty acids.